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Welcome to Northeast Decompression Associates where we have studied non-surgical spinal decompression and the various technological advances in the industry closely before deciding on incorporating with the SpineMED® decompression table. It is the most cutting edge technology to help you correct and heal your herniated or bulging spinal discs and is FDA approved. The technology has been available for fifteen years and is the the most sophisticated, streamlined and advanced system of spinal decompression in the world today.

We are thrilled and proud to offer this system as all other 'decompression' tables are now utilizing relatively antiquated technology by comparison, with belts, harnesses and ropes and pulleys. The SpineMED® uses none of those dated and uncomfortable apparatus, but rather employs a very comfortable and direct restraint system that delivers 40% less force to the patient with better results and no discomfort at all. In fact, many people fall asleep during treatment! Not everyone is a candidate for this breakthrough technology but for those who are, we encourage you to be educated about the systems on the market and to feel free to contact us for honest information and an opportunity to finally be free of debilitating pain. Your life can be filled again with abundant health and mobility. Don't let yourself fall into a never ending battle with pharmaceuticals and revolving surgeries.

Meet Dr. Christopher R. Condon:

In June of 2000 Dr. Christopher R. Condon founded Andover Spine Center and brought non-surgical spinal corrective care to thousands of people throughout the Merrimack Valley and beyond. With advanced techniques Dr. Condon has been able to save people from having surgery on many occasions. Patients with hump-back deformities, scoliosis and forward head posture have been able to see their posture and spines improve, they have had complete pain relief and have been able to resume healthy active lives—all without dangerous drugs, injections or surgery.

By 2006 Andover Spine Center had become one of the busiest offices of its kind in the nation and had attracted thousands of patients from as far as Maine and Rhode Island to Mumbai, India. In fact even celebrities and professional athletes have sought out Dr. Condon's expertise to enable themselves a better opportunity for peak performance.

Despite the success of the clinic however, there were cases when Dr. Condon would have to refer patients for surgical consultation due to degenerative disc disease or herniated discs causing neck pain, back pain and sciatica. Those patients who could not respond to the conservative protocols of corrective care would then most likely need surgery. Dr. Condon has responded to this need for intervention by founding the Northeast Decompression Associates, and offering patients now, a cutting-edge alternative to spine surgery called non-surgical spinal decompression. This FDA approved and certified technology is effective in eliminating back pain, neck pain, arm and hand pain/numbness, and sciatica due to degenerative or herniated discs.

Now patients may avoid drugs, injections, and surgery-- even for the most complicated cases. Northeast Decompression Associates seeks to educate the public about the various techniques for non-surgical spinal decompression and to introduce the superior and most advanced technology for the application of decompression therapy—the SpineMED®. His latest feedback from patients around the world is indicating tremendous success!

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